Serenity Now!

ImageSo, my day went to hell in a hand basket.  I woke up at 7:00 am, which is an ungodly hour for me, in hopes to get to the Sangha – the Buddhist community meeting that I started going to last week.  It was raining like mad when I left the house.  I hate rain, but I thought, screw it, I’m going anyway.  Then, I stepped in a huge puddle in my new Dansko shoes.  I wasn’t wearing any socks, knowing I was going to slip these off when I got to the Sangha, so now my shoe was filled with cold water.  Fine.  I’m still going.  I need this.  OK, so I’m in the car, sopping wet, but I need to get going so it’s off to the gas station to fill up the tank.  It’s an hour drive to the meeting place and I don’t think I’ll quite get there on what I currently have.  Oh shit.  My bank card isn’t working.  Tried a credit card, also declined.  Perplexed, I go inside the convenience store.  Turns out my credit card expired yesterday and I haven’t seen a replacement come in the mail yet.  As for the debit card, I had no idea why it wasn’t working.  I know there’s money in the account.  So now I’m pissed.  I get up at the buttcrack of dawn (well, it is for ME anyway, don’t mock me 😉 ), and now I can’t go to my meeting because I have no way of getting gas.  So I come back to the house and decide: Screw it, i’m going back to bed.

5 hours later, I wake up and it’s after 1 pm.  So I figure I’ll Facebook a little, read a little, clean a little.  That’s when the mail comes.  My new bank card is in amongst the random bills and other flotsam delivered by the USPS today.  I look at it, completely perplexed because my current bank card doesn’t expire until fall of NEXT year.   Wonderful.  No wonder my “old” card isn’t working. Those jerks sent me a new card and deactivated my old card, seemingly on a whim.  I hate our small town bank.  Granted, it’s better than Bank of America, but still… why they would do such a thing is just beyond me.

So after stewing in this cauldron of pissiness for most of the day now, it finally hits me.  What a perfect time to practice acceptance.  There wasn’t a damn thing I could do to change the situation, so why get all steamed up about it?  Why lose peace about it?  There really isn’t anything worth losing one’s peace and serenity over.  There’s enough suffering already without willfully causing more.  Right?  Right. OK then.  Situation accepted, serenity restored.


5 thoughts on “Serenity Now!

  1. Shop at Target in December? Maybe use your card online some place?
    There is a strong chance your bank detected someone hacking your account, or using information gained from hacking someone.

    Different belief system but I learned never to pray for patience — God will give you plenty of opportunities to learn and practice.

    • Well, our bank has always called me directly when there has been any suspicious activity, and we have email alerts set up as well. But who knows. Anything funky could have happened.

      You sure are right about praying for patience. Reminds me of the quote, “be careful what you ask for, you just might get it!”

  2. “Situation accepted, serenity restored.” Love this! And I will never, ever, but ever again pray for patience! lol! At least I hope not!

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